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Aaron Maybin Wants a Bigger Role in the Defense

By Alan Schechter

Dec 04, 2011; Landover, MD, USA; New York Jets linebacker Aaron Maybin (51) celebrates a sack during the fourth quarter against the Washington Redskins at FedEx Field. the Jets defeated the Redskins 34-19. Mandatory Credit: Howard Smith-US PRESSWIRE

Aaron Maybin led the Jets with 6 sacks last season in a part time role. Now, he is seeking to increase that role.

“I’m just trying to make sure that through this offseason, our coaching staff sees exactly what I see,” Maybin said tonight at the Fashion and Football Runway Show in Manhattan, where he showcased his artwork. “And that they’re confident putting me out there on first and second down, and knowing that the same production that comes on third down can come on first and second down as well.”

Aaron is putting on weight this off season, looking to hit a target weight between 240-250 pounds, so he will feel more comfortable playing on every down. He is likely to have more competition, with the decent chance that the Jets choose a pass rusher in the draft.

“Me and a lot of the guys were talking about it earlier; that’s never anything that you can control,” Maybin, a former Bills first-round pick, said. “You can’t live your life and your career based off of how everybody perceives you, and what’s being done around you. All I can do is continue to make myself the best player that I am.”

Maybin hopes that, with an offseason and training camp with the Jets, he can build off of the success he had in a specific role last year and the coaches can come up with new and different ways to use him.

“That was one of the reasons I came here, because I wanted to feel as though I had control of my own destiny,” Maybin said. “That’s what Rex (Ryan) is basically saying, is he’s going to put his best 11 guys on the field in whichever situation, and my job is to make sure in any given situation, I’m one of the best 11 guys that has to be on the field.”

Maybin said that he and a lot of his teammates are approaching off season activities with a chip on their shoulder, after the disappointing 8-8 record last season.