Jets Draft Spotlight: Kendall Wright

By Alan Schechter

Dec 29 2011; San Antonio, TX, USA; Baylor Bears wide receiver Kendall Wright (1) scores a touchdown against the Washington Huskies during the first quarter of the Alamo Bowl at the Alamodome. Mandatory Credit: Brendan Maloney-US PRESSWIRE

Today we take a look at a WR that the Jets have scheduled a late visit with. Spotlight, Kendall Wright, Baylor University.

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He broke out in 2011 with 108 catches, for 1,663 yards and 14 TDs, following a 2010 season that was no slouch with 78 receptions.

He measures in at 5’10” 196 pounds, and runs a 4.61 forty yard dash (per nfl combine results)

Pros: He’s a very dynamic player, that uses his athletic ability to his advantage.  He is fast off the line, and is able to get clean releases to be open right from the start.  He’s willing to go over the middle, and he is a proficient route runner.

Cons: He sometimes fades in his effort if he is not getting the ball(sound like anyone we know?)  He’s small, and he has small hands.  He also needs to improve in his blocking.

Take a look at the video and you be the judge:

He’s certainly a dynamic football player, no doubt. He is a weapon, and has skills. I say he would be a good value, as long as he is coachable. It worries me that he lets his effort go if he isn’t getting the ball, we don’t need another Santonio. But if he shows the right attitude in their visit, this could be a way to go.