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Jets Not Coming Through on PSL Promises

By Alan Schechter

To all that have PSLs, are are considering them, please read this post. Remember when the new stadium opened, and with the PSLs were promised essentially “pre-sale” rights to concerts and things, because you “own” the seats? Well apparently this is not happening. Take a look at this conversation that a reader of had with a Jets ticket rep, regarding the upcoming Springsteen shows at Met Life. Transcript courtesy of

Jets Rep: [3:17:42 PM] Welcome to the New York Jets online chat. How can I help you today? Peter: [3:17:42 PM] Why are psl holders not getting presale for springsteen Jets Rep: [3:18:12 PM] we have no word on that as of yet Jets Rep: [3:18:24 PM] i do know Bruce has never offered a presale before Peter: [3:19:03 PM] why is it his call completely? Jets and Giants own the stadium Jets Rep: [3:19:38 PM] he is the promoter he decides where he will hold his concerts Jets Rep: [3:19:41 PM] his rules Peter: [3:20:18 PM] So metlife doesnt sign a contract with him that has their own provisions? Jets Rep:[3:21:05 PM] Bruce is Bruce Jets Rep: [3:21:23 PM] he can choose not to offer

The Jets were promising these exclusive rights that would come along with the PSLs, in order to help finance the new stadium. I certainly can’t blame anybody for buying in. We love our Jets and are going to do what we can to see them. However, judging by this conversation, you have to wonder. If you read this blog you know my theory is that Woody Johnson is driven by money. Clearly a promise is not being kept.

Proceed with caution with the PSLs, now everyone should be warned.