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Jets Owner Woody Johnson Wants More “Hard Knocks”, Coach Rex Ryan Says No

By Alan Schechter

Aug 27 2010; East Rutherford, NJ, USA; New York Jets head coach Rex Ryan (left) and owner Woody Johnson (center) look on the field prior to the game against the Washington Redskins at the New Meadowlands Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Alan Maglaque-US PRESSWIRE

An interesting development in the Jets return to “Hard Knocks” scenario.

Cleary, owner Woody Johnson wants to be back on the show. Report is that he has told HBO that he feels this way. No surprise here, clearly Woody Johnson likes headlines. However, there is unexpected opposition to the idea.

From head coach Rex Ryan.

Coach is opposed to a sequel, not wanting to add to the drama that already surrounds his team. We learned in 2011 that coach wasn’t as tuned in to all of the situations going on his locker room, so he wants to keep a lid on things. Add to that the Tebow trade, and there will be enough drama to go around, that they don’t need TV cameras to add to it.

Woody should drop his interest in the show. His team isn’t interested. And if the main business is “winning games”, as he told us yesterday, he would take a drastic outlook change and look out for his team. Drop it Woody, bad idea.