2012 New York Jets Pro Days

By Alan Schechter

Jake Steinberg of thejetsblog.com does a great job of following the Jets draft interests.  He has put together a list of college Pro Days that the Jets have attended in 2012.  He has also put out a list of players the Jets have either visited, worked out, flown in…etc., and in the coming days, we will profile some of those players in our draft prospect profiles.  Today, we present the list of Pro Days the Jets have attended, courtesy of Jake Steinberg of the Jets Blog:

Clipped from: www.thejetsblog.com (share this clip)

Some of these visits are for obvious reasons, for example, the visit to South Carolina was to work out Melvin Ingram. Rex Ryan went to the North Carolina day to personally work out Quinton Coples, as we have discussed in previous posts.

Other visits, are for players you may not be as familiar with, and those will be previewed here at The J-E-T Press in the coming days.

Thanks again to thejetsblog for the comprenhensive list.