Good Luck With That Appeal Sean Payton (You Are Going to Need It)

By Alan Schechter

Sean Payton’s appeal of his 1 year suspension for Bountygate was heard in NY yesterday, along with Saints GM Mickey Loomis’ appeal as well. The word is that a decision will be rendered soon by commissioner Goodell, as early as today.

I am not going to address the situation with the GM, but as far as Sean Payton goes….Good luck with that.

The question is, what could he possibly put out there as a defense? He wasn’t aware? He already was found out to have been asked to stop it, say that he did, and continue it anyway. He has clearly shown that he has lied about this from the start, and that was has Goodell’s ire the most.

And, now the audio comes out of Gregg Williams. It has already been heard, and talked about at length, you all know what’s in it by now.

Gregg Williams clearly indicates that he wants his guys to go out and injure members of the 49ers. Whether it was just “coach speak” as Carl Banks mentioned yesterday, it doesn’t matter. He implored his players to injure, and gestured that money would be involve.

It also came out today that it the special teams player on the Saints that the film maker was shadowing, didn’t give permission for the release. That may be so, but it has nothing to do with the appeal.

Clearly, Gregg Williams did this during games, in the same locker room that Sean Payton was in. He had to know.

Bottom line, I hope Sean Payton was only looking for clarification with regards to his suspension, because there is no way it is getting reduced. Nor should it be.