It’s Time for Mark Sanchez to Stand Up and Lead

By Alan Schechter

It's time for Mark Sanchez to stand up and be heard. Mandatory Credit: Steve Mitchell-US PRESSWIRE

It’s been an interesting off season, has it not? Well, it has been interesting since the end of the season, starting with the locker room situation. It makes it fun when your “captain”, is a grump and makes his team hate him(Santonio Holmes).

Well, we are stuck with him.

Then, all the back talk about Mark Sanchez. Can he lead? Does he need to be pushed? Is he complacent?

Funny, nobody said anything of the sort when he led the team to the playoffs.

Now, Tebowmania. The most popular backup QB in the universe is here. He will be the backup QB. He will take up to 20 snaps.

Now Mark Sanchez will be pushed.

And the team is taking sides. Some of the guys like it, some of them don’t. Some love Tim Tebow, some are rallying behind Mark Sanchez.

Where has Mark been? “If a guy will help us win, I am all for it.”

That’s all well and good. I am happy to see that Mark Sanchez wants to win, and isn’t selfish. It’s a welcome change when you listen to Santonio Holmes. The quarterback is putting the team ahead of himself, and I love it.


Mark Sanchez needs to put an end to all of the quarterback talk right now. This is going to go on for the entire off season, and come summer, this will be a very divided football team. We already know how divided it is.

It is time for Mark Sanchez to step up and say, yes, I welcome Tim Tebow, but this is my team. I am going to lead the team where it needs to go, so get on board, or get out of the way. Enough talk about it, it’s my team, and I am going to lead the team.

An NFL quarterback has to have some arrogance about him. Do you think Tom Brady would stand for all of this talk about his backup quarterback? How about Aaron Rodgers? Absolutely not, because they lead. They know it’s their team, and they take the team on their backs.

It’s time for Mark Sanchez to step out, and do that now. Take ownerhsip. You are going into your fourth year now. Come out and tell us how much you want this. If you don’t, this could get really ugly.