New Series: Best Jets Team Ever Tournament

By Alan Schechter

To pass the time this offseason, we will be starting a new series on the Jet Press, beginning this Sunday night, The Best Jets Team Ever Tournament.

Using the simulation engine on the website, we will run simulation games to decide who the best Jets team ever is, once per week on Sundays, to replace NFL football Sundays. Who are the teams we chose? What is the format? Here it comes…..

There will be 6 Jets historical teams involved, obviously the 1968 Jets that won the Super Bowl, and 5 teams that either made the AFL or AFC Championship, the 6 teams are, and seeded, as follows:

1- 1968 Jets2- 1998 Jets3- 2010 Jets4- 1969 Jets5- 1982 Jets6- 2009 Jets

The format will be similar to the NFL playoffs. Seeds 1 and 2 will have a first round bye. The highest seeds will serve as the home team. The first round will be the 3 vs the 6, so Rex’s teams will do battle, as well as the 4 vs the 5, 1969 vs 1982. The #1 seed will play the lowest seed remaining, the #2 the highest, like that.

The games will be played at a domed stadium so no weather will be involved.

Can Curtis Martin upset Joe Namath? Can Rex’s defense make some noise? What about the Sack Exchange? Which team will be come, the best Jets team ever? Find out, starting Sunday night.