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Marshall Faulk Puts Blame for Tebowmania to the Jets on Mark Sanchez

By Alan Schechter

Marshall Faulk had a lot of blame to put out on Mark Sanchez for the current state of affars Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee/Image of Sport-US PRESSWIRE

In an “around the league” piece for, former running back, Hall of Famer Marshall Faulk talks about the reasons that Tebowmania is now alive and well in NY. Take a look at this brief story, and I’ll comment on the other side.

Marshall is right, but to a point. Yes, Mark Sanchez has been inconsistent. Yes, he needed a push. If he had been more consistent last year we wouldn’t have been talking about this.


To bring in the most popular backup QB in the world is not fair to Mark Sanchez. It smacks of owner Woody Johnson seeing a celebrity and saying “I want the headlines back, get this guy. No matter what it takes.” So much so that they didn’t even bother reading his contract in full before making the deal.

Isn’t Mark Sanchez entitled to a bad year after 2 straight title games? You can bring in a backup quarterback that doesn’t set up Mark Sanchez for failure. He’s the starter, at least for now. But to bring this guy in, with such a following is just crazy. If you want Sanchez out, get rid of him as I have said before. But don’t leave him here set up, and that is what he is. If he doesn’t play well, there will be such a clamouring for Tebow to start, they may not be able to ignore it.

And that is not fair to Mark Sanchez, he deserves better.