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Pete Carroll Talking Mark Sanchez and the Jets QB Situation

By Alan Schechter

As Mark Sanchez's and the Jets' former coach, Pete Carroll provides a unique perspective on the situation with the two quarterbacks. Mandatory Credit: Jerry Lai-US PRESSWIRE

Seahawks Head Coach Pete Carroll took a few minutes at the owners meetings to talk about Mark Sanchez, Tim Tebow and the situation with the Jets. Take a look, as he has coached both the Jets, and Mark Sanchez, so he has a perspective that few can have:

Pete Carroll is right on the money. It is a tough situation, and it will be tough for Mark to handle. Nobody wants to give up playing time, and Mark Sanchez is no different. All the talk about how much of a contribution Tim Tebow will make has to take a toll on him. No matter what they say, this could be a problem. It’s good to hear Pete Carroll not shy away from that fact.

Someone has to be honest about it.