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NFL Approves Rule Changes for Turnovers and OT, No Replay Decisions from the Booth

By Alan Schechter

Feb 5, 2012; Indianapolis, IN, USA; A general view of the NFL logo at mid-field prior to the start of Super Bowl XLVI between the New England Patriots and the New York Giants at Lucas Oil Stadium. Mandatory Credit: US PRESSWIRE

The NFL owners meetings are in full swing, and some rule changes were put into place.

  • The first was the approval of using the new modified sudden death overtime rules, last year enacted for the playoffs, in the regular season as well.  This if you don’t remember, is when each team gets one possession in overtime, unless the team that wins the coin toss scores a TD.
  • The other major one was that coaches no longer have to use challenge flags on turnovers, as they will all be subject to review, in the same fashion that scoring plays are.

A proposal that was turned down, however, was to have replay decisions made in the booth, rather than on the field.  Also not passed by the owners today was to outlaw the “horse collar” tackle on quarterbacks in the pocket.

The NFL owners got it somewhat correct today  The idea of bring the OT rules to the regular season is a good idea.  There is no reason to have different rules in the playoffs than you have in the regular season, frankly it’s silly.  The idea of having all turnovers reviewed, however, although might help the coaches, has the potential to slow the game down significantly.

Also, it would have been a great idea to allow the replay decisions to be made upstairs, rather than on the field.  That way you don’t have a guy that is running around, likely tired, making the calls.  Similar to hockey goals, the odds of correct calls are better with someone in the booth.

Other rules changes: a team will lose a down for illegally kicking a loose ball; too many men on the field becomes a dead-ball foul; and a player receiving a crackback block is now considered a defenseless player and will result in a 15-yard penalty.

What do you guys think of the changes?  Comment, or hit me up on twitter at @alanschec.h

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