Woody Johnson: “All the Decisions We Make are Just for Football”

By Alan Schechter

Woody Johnson says that the Tim Tebow trade was all about football. Do you believe him? Mandatory Credit: Steve Mitchell-US PRESSWIRE

The NFL owner meetings have begun, and Jets owner Woody Johnson was holding court today with the media. Guess what he was talking about? Chaz Schillens? No. Tim Tebow of course. The move he “didn’t make to sell tickets”. Take a look at his comments, courtesy of Rich Cimini of ESPN New York, and I will comment on the other side.

OK, if anyone believes Mr. Johnson, with all due respect due our owner, they aren’t paying attention. This was only a move about football, but they are having a press conference? For a backup quarterback? Not only a press conference, but in the field house of the team facility? Their starting QB’s press conference took place in a small press room. They are having Tebow’s press conference on the field, but yet we are supposed to believe that Woody didn’t want atention?? Does Woody really think that Jet fans are that clueless?

He then goes on if you read, to talk about that they are both OK with pressure, Tebow and Sanchez. Wait a minute. What pressure? If Mark Sanchez is the starting QB, what pressure is he under?

Moving on, they make decisions “just for football”, but Tebowmania was already up on the Jets shop within 24 hours of the trade. His number tee shirt was listed on the website, within 24 hours, in front of the “starting quarterback”. That’s normal for a regular backup quarterback, that was brought in “just for football” right?Finally he talks about how Mark Sanchez needs to make improvements, and some of the truth finally starts to come out. Obviously, if you are bringing in the most popular backup in the sport, you want him to play. They are already talking about how they want him to play. If you want him to compete for the job, just say so. We all know that is what you want. If you want Tim Tebow to challenge Mark Sanchez, which he already wants to do, just say so.

And when you have his tee shirts up within 24 hours, don’t try telling us that this move was only about football. Woody, you love bringing in celebrities to this team, starting when you brought in Brett Favre. Don’t insult the Jets fans’ intelligence by saying this was all about football.