Source: Tim Tebow Looking to Compete and Start for the New York Jets

By Alan Schechter

Does the Jets newest QB accept the backup role? Maybe not. Mandatory Credit: Ron Chenoy-US PRESSWIRE

Good morning Jets fans. Our first full day after Tim Tebow landed in New Jersey has begun, and already, it’s starting. You know what “it” is. Mike Tannenbaum has told us that Tim Tebow knows he is only the backup, but sources are telling us that Tebow thinks he can outplay Mark Sanchez and earn the starting job. Take a look at his article from Gary Myers, courtesy of the New York Daily News

This, if true, is no surprise. It’s hard to imagine that a guy coming off the season that Tebow had, which included winning a playoff game, is going to just accept being a backup and not be interested in challenging for the starting job. Mike Tannenbaum said that it is so, but then again, we can’t believe a lot of what Tannenbaum says these days. Did anyone listen to his interview with Mike Francesa yesterday? You could have set a drinking game for every time Tannenbaum said “Mark is our starter”. Tannenbaum also said that Drew Stanton is the number 2 quarterback. How long did that last? A week? Sometimes I think Mike Tannenbaum could run against Governor Christie, the way he talks out of both sides of his mouth.

This has made me wonder about my position on this move. Creating a QB controversy is probably not the best idea when your starting quarterback is a fragile guy. Sanchez is going to have to answer questions about Tim Tebow every day after practice, as will coach Ryan. If Sanchez plays badly, the Tebow maniacs will be loud and proud. Does Rex bench Sanchez to save himself? This could spin out of control faster than originally thought, but only time will tell.

But this could be the “same old Jets” all over again.

What do you all think?  Is this the “same old Jets”?  Talk about Tim Tebow vs Mark Sanchez, and how you feel about the move below.

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