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No Peyton in Miami Means No Peyton for Jets in 2012

By Alan Schechter

The news that Peyton Manning is signing with the Broncos is great news for Jets fans.

We learned today that the Peyton Manning watch is over, and he is signing with the Denver Broncos, and advised the other finalists, the Titans and the 49ers that he will not be playing for them.

Any one of these teams would have been good for the Jets, but this is the best choice.

The Titans and the 49ers are on the Jets schedule for 2012. However, the Broncos are not. Furthermore, the New England Patriots have a game scheduled against the Broncos in 2012, which will now be quite a tough game for them.

The worst option would have been Miami, because the AFC East would have become an impossible division to play in. Facing Brady 2x per year, along with Manning 2x per year would have been nearly an insurmountable task. Now, the Jets don’t even have to see him once in 2012, which is great for the Jets and their quest for a division title.