LaDainian Tomlinson Doesn’t Like Rex’s Brash Chatter, Toxic Locker Room

By Alan Schechter

LaDainian Tomlinson is being quite candid these days, and it sounds more and more like he won’t be a Jet in 2012.

He recently spoke on Showtime’s “Inside the NFL”, and discussed how Rex Ryan’s brash talk doesn’t always sit well with everyone.

“I would prefer him not to say it as much as he did,” Tomlinson said Wednesday (via the New York Daily News). “I don’t mind every now and again saying we are going to win a championship. Maybe at the beginning of the year just saying, ‘Hey, our goal is to win a championship.’

“But at the same time every week if you are calling out a team on certain things, I think it puts a little extra on your team,” he went on. “Guys really want to go out there and say, ‘Let’s shut this guy up. Let’s shut these Jets up, just end their season.’ ”

LT went on to talk about his feeling that Mark Sanchez is “pampered” because he doesn’t have any competition, and said that the Jets’ locker room was as bad as he has ever been around.

“You know it was at the point where I think the players could no longer do anything about it,” he said. “There was nothing that the players could do. So when it gets to that point there are certain changes that need to happen. Can it be fixed? I think absolutely it can be. But they’re going to have to make some tough decisions.”