Woody Johnson sticking up for Jets’ Sanchez

By Marc A. Greenberg

Add New York Jets owner Woody Johnson to the list of Mark Sanchez backers.

A day after Center Nick Mangold came out in support of his Quarterback, Johnson spoke about Sanchez and comments that #6 was lazy.

“I never heard that,” Johnson said of Sanchez. “He’s the first guy in the building every morning and the last guy to leave. So, the last thing he is, is lazy. He’s an NFL quarterback, that’s what you expect from an NFL quarterback. …

“I think everybody’s a little frustrated. Quite frankly, New York doesn’t like losers. And even if it’s an 8-8 record that’s not good enough here. They want a winner, and there is frustration. ”

Johnson added that sustained success in the NFL is difficult.

“I think the money and rules… The rules prevent you from stocking players and recruiting players the way you can do in some of the college systems,” Johnson said. “Everybody has the same amount of money to spend.  So, there’s a certain accountant factor of being a good NFL owner or manager or coach. There’s a risk-reward you have to look very carefully.”

As for this Sunday’s divisional playoff game for the New York Giants, Johnson said he won”t be rooting for anyone.

“We’re rooting for ourselves.  We’ve got a lot of work to do.”