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Alleged quotes from teammates on Mark Sanchez

By Marc A. Greenberg

If true, the following quotes that the New York Daily News published today from unnamed New York Jets players about their quarterback Mark Sanchez, signify a major problem in New York.

Quote 1, on Sanchez’s effort:

“We have to bring in another quarterback that will make him work at practice,” said one player. “He’s lazy and content because he knows he’s not going to be benched.”


Quote 2, on Peyton Manning:

“Come on. That’s a no-brainer,” a Jets source said. “If you have a chance to get a healthy 36-year-old Peyton Manning and you don’t do it, then you’re stupid. If I could get a healthy 36-year-old Peyton Manning, then, hell yeah, I would trade Sanchez.”


Quote 3, on Peyton Manning:

“We already have his coach — Tom Moore,” one well-respected player said. “Plus, he’s a field general and will get everyone lined up. He will get his playmakers the ball. We can win a Super Bowl with Peyton.”


Quote 4, on Sanchez giving up:

“So many games, he looked defeated before he ever took the field,” a team source said. “He didn’t have much confidence in what he was about to go do. You could tell throughout the week in practice. He never felt comfortable with some of the things we were doing. It was too much for him.”



Quote 5, on Sanchez being coddled:

“They treat him like a baby instead of a man. He goes in a hole when someone tells him the truth.”


Quote 6, on Sanchez unfollowing every NY beat writer on Twitter:

“So that should tell you everything,” the source said. “He just doesn’t have the mental toughness to be great… especially in New York.”


Quote 7, on Sanchez being the face of the team:

“They see the organization babying him,” said a Jets source. “They see him with a sense of entitlement. He’s been given all this and hasn’t done anything. They call him ‘San-chise.’ They make him the face of the organization. They gave him the captain tag. He’s not a captain. He should have never been a captain.”