Are the Jets done with Plaxico Burress?

By Marc A. Greenberg

On Monday, New York Jets General Manager Mike Tannenbaum spoke with the media regarding his feelings on the future of the team.

Tannenbaum was surprisingly positive as to offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer, receiver Santonio Holmes and quarterback Mike Sanchez.

Plaxico Burress?  Not so much.

Despite Burress’ presence in the red zone, which contributed to the Jets being the number 1 % team in the NFL in the red zone, Tannenbaum indicated the team is open to looking for other receivers.

He did a great job for us. I thought his blocking, he did a really good job with that, obviously helped us in the red zone. Was our passing game perfect? Obviously it wasn’t, but I wouldn’t just put it on Plaxico. And he was a real pro. He was very insightful on the teams we were playing. I enjoyed picking his brain. He’s really an interesting guy and he was a really good teammate. I was glad he was on the team. Free agency is a couple of months away so we’ll look at everything.”

Notice the past tense for everything there.  It appears that Tannenbaum viewed Burress as an experiment for this season and will look elsewhere next year.

Unlike Schottenheimer, Holmes, and Sanchez, Burress is not under contract next year.