How the AFC Playoff picture looks

By Marc A. Greenberg

With the New York Jets loss to the Miami Dolphins, the Jets have been eliminated from the playoffs.  Here’s how all other teams look:

1. The Patriots clinched the Number 1 seed with their win over the Bills.

2. The Ravens and Steelers are still alive to win their division. The Ravens clinch the division and the No. 2 seed with a win over the Bengals later today.  The Bengals win the Number 6 seed with a win.  They can also get in with a Broncos or Raiders loss.

3. The Texans will host either the Bengals or Titans next week.

4. The Broncos and Raiders can both win the AFC West. Oakland needs to beat San Diego and get the Broncos to lose. The Broncos win any ties.

5. Second place in the AFC North will travel to the winner of the AFC West.

6. The Raiders can’t win a wild card spot.

If three teams tie at 9-7, the Titans would get the #6 seed.