Should Brian Schottenheimer Go? NY Post Says No

By Alan Schechter

Take a look at Mark Cannizzaro’s column in today’s NY Post, where he says he doesn’t feel that the Jets should fire embattled offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer. I will give opinion on the other side:


I actually agree with him to a point, and up to a point last week.  It is a lot about execution.  Schottenheimer does not make the throws, or make the blocks.  However, you have to look at last week with a very suspect eye.  The Jets do not have a team that can drop back 65 times on pass plays.  That goes to the inconsistent game planning and that must fall on Brian’s shoulders.

Furthermore, if the Jets don’t make the playoffs, history has shown that Woody Johnson always makes changes.  The players aren’t going.  Rex isn’t going.  That leaves Brian Schottenheimer.