Giants Beat the Jets 29-14: Post Game Thoughts

By Alan Schechter

The Giants won the battle of NY today, beating the Jets badly today, 29-14.  The Giants will play for the NFC East next week, while the Jets will need to beat Miami and get a whole lot of help to make a 3rd straight playoff run.  Here are some thoughts:

  • Well it started out OK.  The Jets went on a 10 play scoring drive the first time they got the ball, culminating with a TD pass from Mark Sanchez to Josh Baker
  • When the Jets ran the ball, they did it well.  Ladainian Tomlinson rushed 5 times for 29 yards, while Shonn Greene rushed 14 times for 58 yards.
  • All in all the Jets defense didn’t play badly, holding Eli Manning to 9-27 passing.  They were playing well for most of the first half, and David Harris’ interception in the 4th quarter still gave the offense an opportunity late.  The scores late came from being tired, in my opinion.
  • Mark Sanchez made you wonder again today.  On for some plays, off for many others.  His interceptions were not good.  A quarterback rating of 54 is just not going to cut it in a game where the team is playing for its playoff lives.
  • Nick Folk missed a FG that could have tied the game going into halftime.
  • Frankly, the play calling today was disturbing.  If Brian Schottenheimer is fired at season’s end, this will be a game to look back at and completely understand why.  Mark Sanchez should not be throwing 59 passes.  Coach Ryan said it best when he said “we aren’t built that way”.  For this team to be effective, they have to establish the run.  And…they were running well!  To go away from the running game, when the game wasn’t out of hand, makes no sense at all.
  • To further the above point, Rex Ryan needs to exert more influence on the offense.  To say in the post game that they aren’t built to play the way they were playing, means he didn’t approve.  If he didn’t approve, why not approach Schotty to change what is going on?  Isn’t he the head coach?
  • The big momentum changer was the great tackling on Victor Cruz, as he went salsa dancing 99 yards for a TD.

All in all, give credit to the Giants.  Despite the boasting this week, they were, and are the best team in NY this season.  Now Rex Ryan and company need a win next week, and a minor miracle, otherwise it will be a quiet January for Jets fans.