Giants ‘Rolle’ with their own drama before Jets game

By Marc A. Greenberg

For every Rex Ryan there is an Antrel Rolle to stir the pot.  Sure the New York Jets have had their share of drama this season, but the New York Giants Safety  has taken it to a different level this season.

Consider his comments last week about players needing to practice through injuries that aren’t significant:

“It starts in practice man. This s— starts in practice.  And you know what? We need to have everybody on the field. If you are injured, then so be it, you are injured, we understand that. But nicks and bruises, everyone needs to be on the field man. Because we are not getting better like this.”

Antrel Rolle and the Giants are trying to hold on to a playoff spot. (Jeff Zelevansky/Getty Images)

While saying he was calling anyone in particular out with his comments, Rolle went on to talk about defensive end Justin Tuck.

“I am not pointing fingers, I don’t even know who practices half the time,” he said. “It is not anything that happened today. I am just speaking in general. For example, Justin Tuck didn’t practice throughout the week but I think he had a pretty positive game. It’s hard for me to tell what defensive linemen do but I think he went out there and fought each and every play and was very productive.”

For his part, Tuck believes Rolle and just wants to move on.

“If you know ‘Trel, then you know he’s one of those guys who try to light fires under guys,” Tuck said on his weekly interview on WFAN on Monday night. “And if it was directed at me then whatever. But I don’t think it was and I’ve talked to him since.”

“Sometimes in the heat of the moment, I know ‘Trel, he’s a competitor and I know he was frustrated after this loss,” Tuck continued. “So, sometimes you say things and not necessarily knowing what the ramifications are gonna be. I talked to ‘Trel since and we’re on the same page –- there’s no animosity either way between me and him and I know a lot of people are going to ask that question this week.”

Rolle, if you remember, declared that the Giants, who lost to the Washington Redskins after Week 1, were a better team and that, “If we played them 100 times they might win five.”

The Redskins, of course, used those comments as motivation and beat the Giants last week 23-10.