Panthers trick play came from “Little Giants” movie

By Marc A. Greenberg

Carolina tight end Richie Brockel scores his first TD on a trick play. ( Brett Coomer / Houston Chronicle )

Now, we have seen it all.

Carolina Panthers offensive coordinator Rob Chudzinski called for a trick play this past Sunday against the Houston Texans.  And it was a great play.

Panthers fullback Richie Brockel took a hidden hand- off from Cam Newton and rumbled in for a Touchdown.  You can watch the play here.

But that’s not the crazy part.

The crazy part is that Chudzinki adapted the hidden ball trick play from the 1994 kids movie, Little Giants starring Rick Moranis and Ed O’Neill.

Head coach Ron Rivera told Mike Florio on NBC SportsTalk Monday that Chudzinski came to him Thursday with the play.  Rivera was all in.

“When we put that play in, I never thought in a million years that that play was going to work, let alone get a touchdown,” receiver Brandon LaFell said.