Opposites attract when it comes to Jets’ Ryan and Eagles’ Reid

By Marc A. Greenberg

They couldn’t be more opposite.

New York Jets head coach Rex Ryan is the bragging, lighthearted coach who will always go for the laugh.

Philadelphia Eagles head coach Andy Reid is not.

Philadelphia Eagles head coach Andy Reid (Ross D. Franklin/Associated Press)

Take Wednesday’s Press Conference for example, in which Ryan provided Philly reporters more humor than Reid has all season.

When asked about the similarities between Ryan and Reid, Rexy didn’t hesitate.

“Both of us are extremely handsome,” Ryan said. “I think that’s the thing that really jumps out at you. They say it’s a big man’s game, and there you have it: two of the biggest coaches in the league going at it.”

Good old Rex.

Jets Rex Ryan attempts to chest-bump with Santonio Holmes

As for their coaching style:

Rex favors the “ground and pound”

Reid likes to “air it out.”

As for their players:

Rex called cornerback Darrelle Revis “the best corner in football; it’s not even close.”

Reid’s response: “I have a couple of pretty good ones . . . so I’m fortunate.”

“Rex and Andy are a little bit different,” Eagles center Jason Kelce said.

“You like to play for the coach that’s himself. I don’t think anybody likes to play for a coach that puts up a front,” Kelce said. “Be you. I think players respect that.”

Reid, Kelce said, “is himself. He’s always the same guy; you know that’s him.”

Ryan agreed.

“He’s going to be true to himself – that’s the way he handles his press conferences and anything else, and you have to respect that,” he said. “This guy’s a tremendous coach, probably a Hall of Fame-type coach.”

Do the coaches like each other?

“He’s a good guy,” Reid offered.

Rex had nothing but love for Reid; “Clearly I respect the heck out of Andy,” said Ryan. “He’s a tremendous coach; probably a Hall of Fame type of coach. What he’s done, his resume is as impressive as anybody. I know he doesn’t have the big win yet, but he certainly has his team competitive and in the mix every single year. I know this one is kind of an exception right now. But clearly he’s a tremendous coach.”