Bart Scott: “We Still Got to Start Faster”

By Alan Schechter

Bart Scott is the emotional leader of the Jets defense.  He is Rex’s on field general, and embodies the coach’s personality on the football field.  He also knows that if the Jets are going to make another run, the defense has to play better.

“We still got to start faster,” he said. “I mean, we had trouble getting out of the blocks fast and letting teams have that first drive, and after that we settled down. You’d rather be trying to get better at what you’re not doing well this time of year than playing well and spiraling the other way.

Bart is aware of the hole they have put themselves in, thanks to the difficulties beating the New England Patriots, and the Jets recent encounter with Tebow-time.

“We put ourselves in a hole that we’d rather not be in,” Scott said. “The focus was winning the division and going about it the easy way. [But] the reality is, we’re probably fighting for the last playoff spot unless Pittsburgh loses three games or two AFC games, which probably isn’t going to happen.

Bart notes that the Jets aren’t afraid of anyone they meet if they get in the playoffs.  The key, is actually getting in the playoffs.  The time to right the ship is the final quarter of the season.

“We have an opportunity to right that ship,” Scott said, “because we play AFC opponents coming up — Miami in the last game — and that’s what makes this week so much more important. It’s an AFC opponent so it counts in all the tiebreakers. So that’s what we’re trying to focus on. You can’t really look at their schedule who they’re playing, but it’s human nature.”