Jets Revis and Cromartie get picked on in win

By Marc A. Greenberg

A win is a win. Fine.

But sometimes, as was the case during Sunday’s New York Jets 28-24 victory over the Buffalo Bills, a win doesn’t make you feel as good as a loss.

Take the Jets cornerbacks, Darrelle Revis and Antonio Cromartie, for example.

We all know that Revis Island specializes in lost receivers, and the Bills Stevie Johnson was to be no exception.  However, the opposite was the case yesterday as Johnson was targeted 13 times for QB Ryan Fitzpatrick, catching 8 passes for 75 yards, including a touchdown.

“You’ve got to live with the good and the bad,’’ Revis said. “Was it my best performance? No. But it’s nothing. I’m going to work hard. I know what I want to portray. In all these receiver matchups I’ve had people have scored touchdowns on me, people have caught balls.

“We won and we’re playing another team next week.’’

Coach Rex Ryan defended Revis after the game.

“I don’t necessarily know if [Johnson] got the best of Revis,’ Ryan said. “He gave up a touchdown; that was the first time that happened all season. OK, so he’s human. He’s still way better than any corner in football, like head-and-shoulders better. I’m not going to say the kid got the best of him.’’

As for Cromartie;  he gave up a 36 yard TD to Brad Smith, fumbled a punt return on a fair catch and almost gave up the winning TD to Smith in the endzone.  As a whole, it has been a down year for Cro.

N.Y. Post: Charles Wenzelberg

“Man, it was like it was going in slow motion,’’ Cromartie said of the TD play. “[Smith] made a heck of a play on the ball. Ball was in the air too long. As a DB, I need to pick it off.’’