Jets get Tebow-ed in Mile High; lose 17-13 to Broncos

By Marc A. Greenberg

Did it actually happen?

Did Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow do what his believers have been saying he could do all along?

If we didn’t see it, we never would have believed it.

The New York Jets, in losing 17-13 to the Broncos on Thursday night, got Tebow-ed.

With the Jets leading 13-10 with 5:54 remaining and the Broncos taking over at their 5 yard line, Tebow led a  last-minute, 95-yard drive, ending with a 20-yard touchdown run by the man himself.

It’s time to believe in Tebow.

“I’m just in shock right now,” cornerback Darrelle Revis said. “He did it. Tim Tebow did it. He shocked me. He  probably shocked a lot of people, but he did it. Tim Tebow’s legs ran them to  victory.”

The Jets’ second straight loss makes them 5-5 on the season and on the brink of disaster.

“The playoffs really start with Buffalo,” quarterback Mark Sanchez said, referring to next week’s game. “These are all must-wins.”

“I lost the game,” Sanchez said. “I let the defense down. However you want to  phrase it. It’s an embarrassing day by me.”

“We have to find a way to get better,” head coach Rex Ryan said. “This one stings, there’s no question.”

As for Sanchez, his performance was questionably better than Tebow. His only touchdown pass was to a Broncos cornerback, his third interception for a touchdown this season.

“He’s our starting quarterback,” receiver Santonio Holmes said. “He’s the guy we’ve got to ride and die with for the  rest of the season. He has to step it up. I believe in him.”

“We have to take a long, hard look at ourselves,” Ryan said. “We’re a lot  better than this. We all know it.”