Jets Offensive line to be tested against Broncos

By Marc A. Greenberg

For all the talk about Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow, there is another name that could be more valuable tonight as the New York Jets play the Broncos.

Von Miller.

Jack Dempsey - AP

The rookie out of Texas A & M has 8 sacks on the season, and can disrupt the Jets offense to the point where quarterback Mark Sanchez forces passes and turnovers.  Put the ball in the Jets zone too many times and Tebow will figure out a way to score.   After all, he does have 320 rushing yards and a 6.7 avg. per rush.

As a team, the Broncos have rushed five or more players 149 times, the fourth-highest total in the league. Aside from Miller, Elvis Dumervil has 4 sacks.

“He’s been all over the film,” Sanchez said. “We’re still trying to get a good beat on some stuff. We have a good plan for him, whether he’s rushing or covering.”

“It’s gotta be on us as a line,” said right tackle Wayne Hunter, who will be matched up the majority of the time against Miller. “Mark was running a little more than we’d like him to. I think we just gotta back each other up when it comes to protections.

“That’s our job, that’s what we get paid to do, so I mean, it would be nice if we could give him 5-6 seconds to pass, but it’s just not realistic. Defensive linemen get paid too.”