Jets Revis doesn’t think highly of Tim Tebow

By Marc A. Greenberg

Does New York Jets cornerback Darrelle Revis think the option offense can work in the NFL?   Yes.

Does he think Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow can be successful at it? That’s a negative.

“Yeah [the option can work], if you have Michael Vick and, I don’t know, Chris Johnson at running back,” Revis said. “Yeah, it can work. Those are probably the two fastest guys that can probably get out on the edge on you. Yeah, those two.”

Revis doesn’t see the same success happening with Tebow and is ready to prove it on Thursday night.  “No,” Revis said. “No, not for a whole season. Because we know what they’re doing, and we feel comfortable in our game plan.”

With short rest from their Sunday night game, the Jets have crammed preparation into just two days.  But the preparation is fairly simple for them; hit Tebow hard.

“Up front, it’s going to be a fun game for us,” defensive lineman Marcus Dixon said. “We just need to come off the ball, knock people back and get tackles for loss. We have to force them to throw the ball.

“You’ve got to get them out of that read [option] by tattooing the quarterback.”

As for head coach Rex Ryan, he compares the option offense to the Wildcat offense the Jets ran the past two years.

“I think we’re fortunate because we had Brad Smith here for the two years,” Ryan said. “We would work against that in training camp and all that. Now, it’s a little different, but it’s similar as well. So I think that helps us. Obviously he’s a legitimate quarterback, where most guys, we used to see Miami run their version of the Wildcat with a great running back in Ronnie Brown. But, obviously, Ronnie wasn’t a great thrower. We do have experience against the Wildcat before. Tebow is obviously a better passer than most guys back there.”

As for Revis, his only worry seems to be falling asleep in the secondary, waiting for a pass attempt.

“We can’t fall asleep back there in the secondary,” Revis said. “It can get boring, especially when a team just keeps running the ball, series after series, play after play.”