Is there a problem between Jets Mark Sanchez and Rex Ryan?

By Marc A. Greenberg

New York Jets head coach Rex Ryan can sometimes let his emotions get the best of him.  Whether it’s cursing out a fan or calling his quarterback’s decision the stupidest play in football, that’s just Rex being Rex, right?

Maybe Rex should make sure his quarterback knows this.

For his part, Mark Sanchez publicly had no problem with Rex being Rex. Sanchez insisted all was well with the relationship.

“Things with Rex have always been great. If anything, it’s more and more fun,’’ Sanchez said. “I think these points in the season, the high points and the low points. … It’s easy to be the quarterback when you’re on a three-game win streak, but when you lose a tough divisional game, that’s a good test for a young quarterback, for a third-year head coach. That’s a good test for us.

“But, as far as relationship, things are great. He’s the best coach I can think of to play for and we have a great time together. He’s always had us ready to play.’’

“If something like that is going to get under my skin, I’m in the wrong line of work. That’s on the quarterback. I’ve got to be better than that,’’ Sanchez said. “I’m better than that. It shouldn’t have happened. Even if he takes the blame for it, then he’s protecting me, I know that.’’

“I don’t like losing. You don’t like playing poorly, not playing well enough for your team to win. That’s frustrating and that’s personal,’’ Sanchez said. “You want to put your team in the right positions. At times I did, and at times I didn’t.’’

As for Rex, he was singing a different tune as well.

“Well, I think Mark is an outstanding quarterback. I like the guys that win, and I think Mark is a winner,’’ Ryan said. “We’ve won a lot of games. Have we won the big one yet? No. We haven’t won the big one yet. I think if we do, then maybe everybody will look at Mark in a different light.

“But I think he’s a terrific quarterback. The thing that you’re excited about is that when you get that right — when you draft the right guy to lead your franchise — that usually is a good sign for you for 10 years. And I think we have the right guy.’’

On the surface, everything looks ok for now;  just don’t get the microphone on Rex when Sanchez does any other stupid plays.