Jets Takeoff! A Week 11 Preview New York Jets vs Denver Broncos

By Alan Schechter

After the debacle on Sunday night, the Jets travel on a short week to Mile High Stadium to take on Tim Tebow and the Denver Broncos.  The Jets are now well entrenched in the wild card race at 5-4, while the Broncos come into the game off of a win, running their record to 4-5.  Here’s a look at some keys to the game:


54-8.  No, that is not the score of poorly played game.  That is the ratio of running to passing plays in the Broncos’ last game.  54-8.  Tebow attempted 8 passes, completing 2 of them.  How does that work?  It works when you rush for 244 yards on the ground, averaging 4.4 yards per rush.  On the season, the Broncos are second in the AFC in rushing, with 158.2 yards per game.  Sounds likes Jets football of 2009-2010 to me.  Quarterback manages the game, and you do your damage on the ground.  No matter who you have.  Willis McGahee goes down, you have Knowshawn Moreno.  He goes down, Lance Ball rushes for 96 yards.  Stop the running attack, you will have a leg up on the Broncos, even with only 3 days off.


One bright spot in the passing game for the Broncos has been wide receiver Eric Decker.  Of the two passes that Tim Tebow completed, one was a 56 yard TD pass to Eric Decker.  On the season, Decker has 7 TD receptions.  Does this rate a visit to Revis Island?  Maybe.  Keep an eye on him while taking the running game down, or this guy will burn you.


Minus a few drives on Sunday night, the Jets offense looked lost.  The Patriots were playing rookies that were so new, they didn’t even have their voices recorded for the Sunday night football introductions.  But yet, Mark Sanchez and the offense looked lost.  They couldn’t get it going.

And they have to.  The Broncos are in the middle to bottom of the AFC in defense, allowing 117.6 yards per game on the ground, a 4.0 yard average allowed per carry.  Through the air, Denver is giving up 243.1 yards per game, allowing 18 TDs with only 6 INTs.

They are beatable, but the Jets have to do it.

There it is, your week 11 preview.  Enjoy the game Thursday night, see you on the other side.