How the New York Jets can make the Playoffs

By Marc A. Greenberg

To make the playoffs, the Jets must do 1 of 2 things;  Either win their division or be 1 of 2 teams to secure a Wild Card playoff spot.

With a 5-4 record, and 1 game behind the New England Patriots who control the tiebreaker, the New York Jets can pretty much forget about winning the AFC East division.   Much like the last two seasons, the road to the Super Bowl will have to be played on opposing teams fields.

Analyzing the playoffs hopefuls in the AFC this season, we see the Jets securing the second Wild Card spot.

Here’s the remaining schedule of all Wild Card hopefuls as well as the 6-3 Patriots.

New York Jets (5-4)

At Denver Broncos

Buffalo Bills

At Washington Redskins

Kansas City Chiefs

At Philadelphia

New York Giants

At Miami Dolphins

PREDICTION: 10-6.  The Jets should win against Denver, Buffalo, Washington and Kansas City but don’t count on a 5 game winning streak from this team.  With losses against the Eagles and Giants, the Jets may need a victory on New Years Day in Miami to make the Playoffs.

Buffalo Bills (5-4)

At Dolphins

At Jets

Tennessee Titans

At San Diego Chargers



At Patriots

PREDICTION:  7-9. The once 5-2 Bills are not ready to compete in the AFC just yet. A good start ends with a Winter swoon.

New England Patriots (6-3)


At Eagles

Indianapolis Colts

At Redskins

At Broncos



PREDICTION: 12-4.  It doesn’t matter if the Patriots go 12-4 or 11-5 because they will hold the tiebreaker over the Jets and win the AFC East division yet again.

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Baltimore Ravens (6-3)

Cincinnati Bengals

At San Francisco 49ers

At Cleveland Browns


At Chargers

Cleveland Browns

At Bengals

PREDICTION: 11-5. Coming off a terrible loss to the Seattle Seahawks, we really don’t know what the Ravens are capable of this season.  With that being said, the teams plays the Browns twice, the Bengals twice and the Colts.

Cincinnati Bengals (6-3)

At Ravens


At Pittsburgh Steelers

Houston Texans

At St. Louis Rams

Arizona Cardinals


PREDICTION:  9-7.  The Week 2 loss to the Broncos may come back to haunt this team as 9-7 will not do it this season.

Tennessee Titans (5-4)

At Atlanta Falcons

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

At Bills


At Colts

Jacksonville Jaguars

At Houston Texans

PREDICTION: 9-7.  The Titans won’t be a contender this season and are too far behind the 7-3 Texans to win the AFC South.