Patriots defeat Jets, 37-16; Postgame Thoughts

By Marc A. Greenberg

The New York Jets picked a terrible time to take a game off.

You knew there would be trouble when Santonio Holmes, with an open lane to the end zone, falls down after making a catch in the first quarter untouched.

You definitely knew there would be trouble when Nick Folk misses the ensuing 25 yard field goal attempt.

No excuses tonight; the Jets (5-4 on the season) got outplayed and beaten up.  Say bye-bye to becoming the division winner in the AFC East.  A golden opportunity wasted at MetLife Stadium tonight.

Quarterback Tom Brady was Tom Brady and the Jets offensive line looked like it did before Nick Mangold came back.  Patriots defensive end Andre Carter led the squad with 3 of the 4 sacks on Mark Sanchez.

For the Jets, not only was this was the most points allowed in a home game under head coach Rex Ryan, but it now looks like they will go the way of the Wild Card to try and get into the Playoffs yet again.  The Patriots are a game up at 6-3 and have swept the Jets this season. In addition, the Pats play: Kansas City, Philadelphia, Indianapolis, Washington, Denver, Miami and Buffalo.  Game. Set. Match.

For the Jets, it’s a short week as the team travels to Denver on Thursday night to face the Broncos and Tim Tebow.