Penn State Paterno lawyers up; McQuade gets death threats

By Marc A. Greenberg

Former Penn State head coach Joe Paterno has lawyered up and hired Washington criminal defense lawyer J. Sedgwick Sollers to represent him, NBC News reported.

Sollers repped President George H.W. Bush during the Iran-Contra affair.  While Paterno has not been charged with anything at the moment, there is growing dear of civil suits by the victims and the state Attorney General’s investigation.

Meanwhile, Mike McQueary, a key figure in the child sex scandal, has reportedly been receiving “multiple threats” against him and will not be coaching the Nittany Lions tomorrow against Nebraska.

The University issued a statement saying it would be “in the best interest of all” if the receivers coach did not attend the game.

McQueary was not fired or asked to quit by the Penn State trustees. McQueary has been criticized for not reporting Jerry Sandusky to police.

Paterno will not be attending the game, ESPN reported.