Breaking News: Joe Paterno to Be Out at Penn State

By Alan Schechter

Looks like the scandal is going to mark the end of a legend.

The NY Times is reporting this afternoon that Penn State officials are planning the exit of long time head coach Joe Paterno.  Discussions have begun between the two sides on how to handle his departure, which could come within days or weeks.  His regular press conference was cancelled earlier today, only an hour before it was slated to start.

At age 84 and with 46 seasons as the Penn State head coach behind him, Paterno’s extraordinary run of success — one that produced tens of millions of dollars for the school and two national championships, and that established him as one of the nation’s most revered leaders, will end with a stunning and humiliating final chapter.

Paterno, although not a target of the investigation, has received a great deal of heat lately as to his handling of the now widely known scandal involving Gerry Sandusky