Jets Keller and Greene undergo head exam for concussions

By Marc A. Greenberg

It’s always better than it looks.

In the case of New York Jets tight end Dustin Keller, that’s a good thing.

Keller suffered a “head injury” according to the team, when, in the second quarter he attempted to gain extra yards by leaping over Buffalo Bills cornerback Terrence McGree.  Instead, Keller got flipped in the air and landed on his right shoulder as his head bounced off the field.

Keller looked woozy after the play and walked off the field with help from the Jets medical staff.  He would return in the second half.

“I was shaken up for a couple of seconds,” said Keller. “Obviously, the doctors were concerned, so they brought me in the locker room. I was pretty upset about that because I knew I was fine and I could get back in the game. They put me through all these tests, over and over and over again, which was really annoying, but obviously you have to follow NFL protocol. I passed all the tests, and I was able to come back in the second half.

“I knew (McGee) was going high, I promise you I would not have jumped. … (Coach) Rex (Ryan) and 53 other guys told me, ‘Don’t ever do that again.’ I’m going to try not to, but you never know what you might come up with in that last second.”

As for head coach Rex Ryan: “He got his head smashed, but he’s fine. He was a little dizzy.”

Quarterback Mark Sanchez said Keller has to be more careful. “I don’t know where that came from. I know (tight ends) Coach ‘Dev’ (Mike Devlin) can’t jump that high, so he didn’t learn that from him. He should never have to do that. He’s gotta be careful.”

As for running back Shonn Greene, who rushed for 76 yards on 19 carries, his injury came late in the fourth quarter.

“I’m good. I got dinged up a little bit, as I started going to the sidelines I started feeling very well,” Greene said. “I had to go through an evaluation, come in and stuff like that. I could’ve came back, but in the end though (with the score the way it was) it didn’t really make sense to go out there.”

Greene confirmed he had concussion tests, but felt OK.