Bills loss to Jets will prove deadly for playoff chances

By Marc A. Greenberg

A 10 win season will not guarantee a playoff spot this year in the AFC.

With such a tight race for the AFC playoffs this season, every loss, in-division especially, is huge.

For the Buffalo Bills, yesterday’s loss to the New York Jets will prove to be deadly.

Consider this, aside from the division winner, 2 teams will make the playoffs as Wild Cards.   The Jets, New England Patriots and Bills are 5-3.  One of those teams will win the division.   As for the Wild Card: the Cincinnati Bengals are 6-2, the Pittsburgh Steelers are 6-3, with the Jets, Patriots and Bills one game behind.   The Bills will need to finish the season 5-3 to get to 10 wins and hope a tiebreaker doesn’t hurt them (loss to Bengals in Week 4).

Here’s the Bills remaining schedule:

At Dallas Cowboys

At Miami Dolphins

At Jets

Home to Tennessee Titans

At San Diego Chargers

Home to Miami Dolphins

Home to Denver Broncos

At New England Patriots

Doesn’t look good if you’re a Bills fan.  5 tough road games, including the next 3 against the Cowboys, Dolphins and Jets.

Thanks for playing, Buffalo.