Miami Herald calls Peyton Manning to Dolphins “intriguing possibility”

By Marc A. Greenberg

This is how bad it is to be a Miami Dolphins fan today.

Your team is 0-7, you have no hope this season, and your fans are rooting against you in the hopes that you can acquire Andrew Luck with the first draft pick.

But what happens if you don’t get the first pick?

Armando Salguero of the Miami Herald, in today’s paper, says the team needs to think about acquiring Indianapolis Colts Peyton Manning if the Colts get Luck.  Calling it an “intriguing possibility”  Sanguero has officially jumped off the deep end.

Seriously, this is how bad it has become in Miami.  It’s November; and your team is talking about getting a QB who is out the entire season with his third neck surgery…. and you want him !!

“My concern is [Colts Vice Chairman Bill] Polian would be tempted to trade Manning the same way he traded Faulk. It’s a concern because the Dolphins would almost certainly be interested.”