Jets beat Bills 27-11; Postgame Thoughts

By Marc A. Greenberg

The New York Jets have defeated the Buffalo Bills 27-11, making both teams 5-3 on the season.

We learned a few things from today’s dismantling of the Bills:

1. Ground and Pound, mixed with a little playaction really works.

2. Mark Sanchez in the red zone doesn’t.  After a great opening drive, Sanchez threw a terrible endzone interception.

3. The Jets defense looks great.  3 turnovers and nice pressure on the Bills offense.

4. Tight End Matthew Mulligan doesn’t.   Two penalties, including a terrible hold that prevented a 41 yard run by Shonn Greene earned Mulligan a tongue lashing from Guard Brandon Moore.  Mulligan’s second penalty earned some words from Sanchez.  Rough day for Mulligan.  Shonn Greene would finish with 19 carries for 76 yards.

5. Joe McKnight really knows how to return a kick.  Almost broke another one for a touchdown if not for a diving tackle by kicker Ryan Lindell.

6.  The Buffalo Bills either had a really bad game or they are not a good team.  Nothing seemed to work for QB Ryan Fitzpatrick today.

7. Nice game for Plaxico Burress.  5 catches for 79 yards, including some nice catches on slants.