Is Jets coach Rex Ryan a Patriots fan?

By Marc A. Greenberg

Say it ain’t so, Rex.

Apparently, New York Jets head coach Rex Ryan will play a New England lawyer/Patriots fan in an upcoming Adam Sandler movie this summer.

“He was great enough to be loose and funny about it,” Sandler said on “… He’s really cool.”

“My character … is kind of a dirt-bag guy and he’s in trouble and Rex is an expensive lawyer in town and he takes care of me,” Sandler told Rich Eisen.  “He’s also a mammoth Patriots fan.”

Sandler, a Jets fan himself, said that Ryan “nailed” his performance.

“I saw (Rex) in the hotel in the morning going to the set, and I saw coach running lines with two nice girls that work for the Jets,” Sandler said. “Just seeing the coach in the lobby, doing his lines, memorizing, closing his eyes, getting them right.  He put on a suit, kind of a goofy suit, and he did great.”