Buffalo Bills starting to trash talk Jets

By Marc A. Greenberg

The times they are a’changin…

Once upon a time, a New York Jets team, led by its brash talking head coach Rex Ryan, would trash talk opposing teams and guarantee victories.

Now, it’s the Buffalo Bills turn.

At 5-2 and leading the AFC East wide receiver Stevie Johnson believes its the Bills turn now.

“I don’t want to say [the Jets are] too much of a hype, because they’ve gotten it done,” Johnson told the Associated Press. “I think it’s our turn now. It’s our turn to show that we’re going to come in and try to take over this division and make this run be for real.”

Johnson wore a T-shirt this week in Buffalo with “Fitzpatrick-Johnson 2012: Yes We Can” written in red, white and blue across the chest.

“Yes we can. Yes we can get to the playoffs, we can get to the Super Bowl,” Johnson said. “Whatever they say we can’t, we can.”

We mentioned yesterday that Johnson is not afraid of ‘Revis Island’ this week and called Revis nothing special.  We’ll find out, Sunday.