Bills to honor Scott (Ray Finkle) Norwood Sunday

By Marc A. Greenberg

Remember when Bill Buckner finally came back to Boston in 2009 after all those years and was saluted by the Red Sox Nation, who were celebrating 2 World Series championships?

Well this is nothing like that.

The Buffalo Bills have announced that they will honor former kicker Scott Norwood this Sunday during the Bills vs. New York Jets game.

Norwood, of course, is famous for missing a 47 yard field goal (wide right), against the New York Giants to lose Super Bowl 25 in 1991.  Norwood will receive the Ralph C. Wilson Distinguished Service Award.

Interesting move by the Bills here.  Of course, the reaction would be greater if the team actually won a Super Bowl after Ray Finkle left, but we won’t dwell on the negatives.