Is Rex Ryan giving the Jets too much time off?

By Marc A. Greenberg

Typically NFL players love a week off during the BYE week.

But for New York Jets head coach Rex Ryan, that might not be such a good idea.

Ryan is 0-2 coming off bye weeks as the Jets head coach, with last year’s 9-0 sleeper to the Green Bay Packers fresh in everyone’s head.  This year, Ryan again has given the team 6 days off before a critical division game in Buffalo against the Bills.

The Jets won’t practice until Monday.

“We just have to be smart in that first practice back on Monday, or whenever it is, and not have the typical ‘Oh, you-guys-look-like-you-took-a-week-off’ day,” guard Brandon Mooresaid. “We really have to zero in and get a lot out of that day, and gain a little bit of an advantage there after losing a little bit during the week off.”

As for Ryan, he prefers giving his team 6 days off saying: “The bye is not just for one game; it’s for the rest of the season. We’ll do it business as usual; the only difference is, we’re going to win coming out of the bye this year.”

As for the players, Darrelle Revis is relaxing at his home in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, while Plaxico Burress has said that he’s taking his family to Disney World.