Are the Jets replacing Brian Schottenheimer?

By Marc A. Greenberg

Jeff Zelevansky/Getty Images

In July of this year, the New York Jets hired former Colts offensive coordinator Tom Moore as a consultant, not coach.  Moore’s responsibility was to review game film on upcoming opponents, examine red-zone efficiency, and send along suggestions to the Jets staff.  Moore was to work during the season from his home in South Carolina.

The hiring was not seen as a direct threat to Jets offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer mainly because Moore was to remain in South Carolina on the consultant role.

Well that situation has changed.

Moore was in New Jersey and on the field during pre-game warmups Sunday against the San Diego Chargers.  And one of the Jets biggest problems this season, red-zone efficiency, was magically cured this week on three touchdowns from Mark Sanchez to Plaxico Burress.

Could this be a warning to Schottenheimer, who has come under fire from the Jets staff, players and fans who long for better playcalling and the utilization of Burress in the red zone?

The Jets did not comment on Moore and where he sat during the game.