Jets Revis hangs up phone on interview with Mike Francesa, WFAN

By Marc A. Greenberg

Usually the one to cut off callers, Mike Francesa of WFAN definitely is not used to being the one hung up one.

But that’s exactly what happened today when Francesa had New York Jets cornerback Darrelle Revis on today and was discussing the Jets game against the Miami Dolphins this past Monday. Constantly pushing Revis on whether he committed pass interference on the pass he intercepted and returned 100 yards for a touchdown, Francesa wouldn’t let up.

“Do you know football or are you good at interviewing?” Revis asked Francesa.

The two went back and forth for about four minutes, with Francesa laughing at an increasingly frustrated Revis.

“You are still the only one in the world who doesn’t think that was a penalty,” Francesa said.

“I don’t care! I don’t care what everybody thinks! I don’t care what you think!” Revis said.

Jets public relations director Jared Winley intervened and told Revis to hang up the phone.

Winley would issue the following statement: “In my judgment, given the tone of the interview, I should have asked Mike to move on to another topic, instead of instructing Darrelle to hang up the phone. That was an error on my part. I’ve called Mike’s producer and I apologized.”

No word on whether Francesa will harp on this for the next few years or so.