Plaxico Burress ready to go through the roof with Jets

By Marc A. Greenberg

For Plaxico Burress, confidence has never been a problem.

And the New York Jets WR believes it’s just a matter of time before the team gets it going.

“The more we get comfortable, we start playing pitch and catch and I’m doing my thing out there, the offense is going to go through the roof.”

“It’s only a matter of time.”

“Me and my quarterback, we have some work to do,” Burress said. “And being a competitor, you have to love the opportunity to go out and work hard and get better. . . . We’re not where we want to be as far as passing the football. There’s so much room for improvement, this offense can be so much better.”

Speaking to Steve Serby of the NY Post, Burress said he wasn’t washed up.

Serby: “Do you still think you can dominate on any given Sunday?”

Burress: “When I lose that mindset, I’ll walk away from the game.”

Serby: “Do you have any doubt in your mind that you will once again be a feared wide receiver?

Burress: “No doubt about it. ’Cause I know me.”