Jets Cromartie reveals he wasn’t happy in San Diego

By Marc A. Greenberg

Aside from LaDainian Tomlinson, there is another New York Jets player who will be playing against his former team this Sunday; and he’s happy he doesn’t still play for them.

Antonio Cromartie tells Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News that he doesn’t miss playing for the San Diego Chargers.

“I wasn’t happy there.  I didn’t want to play in San Diego anymore. That was it.”

Cromartie mentioned that he didn’t like “how people handled stuff” within the Chargers organization, regarding his hip injury in 2008 and the constant trade rumors.

For the Chargers, the feelings appear mutual.

Safety Eric Weddle said that “Me and Cro had conflicts,” and added, “I can’t tell you how nice it is to come to work every day and not have that in the room.”

“I guess that’s his opinion,” Cromartie replied. “That’s their Golden Boy. So, I don’t really care.”

Add this to the comments made between coaches and this game turned into a battle.