Chargers Norv Turner gets back at Rex Ryan

By Marc A. Greenberg

It really didn’t surprise anyone when New York Jets head coach Rex Ryan made a brash, somewhat dumb comment towards San Diego Chargers coach Norv Turner.

The reaction from Turner did.

Hours after Ryan told San Diego media that if he had become the team’s coach in 2007, the franchise would have won two super bowls, Turner decided to answer Rex’s comments.

Acknowledging that Ryan did phone him to clarify that the comments were not directed towards him, it was Turner’s turn to have some fun.

“I hadn’t seen the quote; I was a little surprised when he called,” Turner said. “And then, after I saw the quote, I didn’t have a chance to ask him this, but I was wondering if he had those rings with the ones he’s guaranteed the past couple of years.”

Score one for Turner.

As for the Chargers players, LB Shaun Phillips spoke first.

“Because he’s a confident guy, if that’s his opinion, then great,” Phillips said. “But that’s not the case. He didn’t get the job, so there’s really nothing negative to say about it. Everyone’s allowed to have an opinion, and I can’t get mad about the guy for having an opinion.

“Do we stand behind our coach? Yes. Do we love Norv as a coach? Yes. Would we want another coach? No. Bottom line is I have no problem with what he said because of the fact he is allowed to have an opinion.”

Fullback Jacob Hester said Ryan’s comments “doesn’t make much sense.”

“He doesn’t have any Super Bowl rings there, either,” Hester said. “You can’t get into stuff like that. Obviously, Norv is here for a reason. Norv has done a hell of a job here. We’re not worried about stuff like that.”

Just another typical week in Jets land.