Santonio Holmes won’t bring up past attacks on offensive line

By Marc A. Greenberg

When you lose, everyone is going to hear about who’s to blame; when you win…well, mums the word, we guess.

New York Jets WR (and co-captain) Santonio Holmes, vocal over the past month about the Jets inabilities on offense, was unusually tight-lipped last night after the Jets 24-6 victory over the Miami Dolphins.

Maybe a Touchdown will do that to a WR.

“We’re not talking about that, we’re moving on to the next question,” Holmes said. “We just won a ballgame today, and that’s what we’re focused on right now. What happened last week was last week. We’re looking forward to what’s going on next week. We’re moving on to the next game. That’s where we are with that right now, not what happened last week.”

N.Y. Post: Charles Wenzelberg


Following the loss in Baltimore three weeks ago, Holmes had plenty to say about QB Mark Sanchez not being able to throw the ball due to the offensive line.  The comments continued after that.

It got so bad that Guard Brandon Moore felt the need to attack Holmes and call out the Captain for his inappropriate remarks.

Last night, though, Moore was ready to forgive and forget.

“We play as a team together,” Moore said. “I was happy to see him do well as well as all the other guys. That’s over with. Santonio is my teammate. That’s over with.”

For his part, Holmes credited the offensive line and Mark Sanchez for his TD catch,  a 38 yard catch and run.

“Great job by Mark stepping up in the pocket and eluding tacklers,” he said. “He got the ball to me quickly and the rest happened with blocking down the field with Plaxico [Burress] and [Jeremy] Kerley and the rest is history.”

Holmes would finish the night catching three passes for 63 yards, including the 38 yard TD in the fourth quarter.