Santonio Holmes believes in the New York Jets

By Marc A. Greenberg

New York Jets WR Santonio Holmes took a page from Tug McGraw during yesterdays press conference following the Jets 30-21 defeat to the New England Patriots.

With three straight losses, and the Jets caught in a state of confusion, Holmes felt it was time to be an optimist.

“I didn’t sign back here to play for the New York Jets and not believe,” Holmes said, “or doubt Coach [Rex] Ryan that we can get the job done. Having Mark Sanchez as our quarterback; I believe in him. Having Darrelle Revis as one of our captain defensive backs; I believe in him. The things that we’re doing special teams-wise, I believe in what those guys have in them. So yes I do believe.”

Still, the loss to the Pats hurt.

“Just losing to any team sucks, and especially this team,” Holmes said.

Time will tell as to Holmes’ mood next week.  He was criticized by the New York Media the past two weeks for his public calling out of Sanchez and the Jets offensive line.

Whatever the reason for the turnaround, Holmes couldn’t explain how to turn around a losing streak.

“This is probably my first time having a three-game losing streak,” he said. “So I can’t speak to that.”